The Creation of Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line

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Ronnie Lippin

I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, what do I do now?

“In addition to talking to the doctor about my breast cancer diagnosis, how can I get more information about my disease?”

“Chemotherapy has not stopped the growth of my tumor so where can I find research studies for new cancer treatments?”

How can I get financial assistance to help to pay for medications that my insurance will not cover?

I live alone and am no longer able to drive. Can I get free transportation to my medical appointments?

These are some of the questions facing cancer patients and their loved ones everyday. The well known publicist, Ronnie Lippin, battled a rare form of breast cancer with her husband Dick and daughter Alexandra by her side. They confronted those similar issues. Sadly, Ronnie lost the battle in December 2006, but through this tragedy Dick and Alexandra were inspired to create a place where people who struggled with cancer could get referrals to information and resources. Ronnie Lippin was well-known for her philanthropy and Dick and Alexandra Lippin were determined to continue her passion for generosity.

To honor the memory of Ronnie, Dick’s mission was to create a free community service with desperately needed resources and information available to anyone affected by cancer. Dick approached Tower Cancer Research Foundation with this idea, and together they founded Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line.

RLC Information and Resource Line provide referrals to information and resources that help patients cope and manage their disease, or that of a loved one. By offering access to numerous resources of which patients are often not aware, RLCIRL has already helped so many cancer patients and their families.

Dick Lippin and Tower Cancer Research Foundation have created a unique social service for cancer patients, which is free and personal with direct contact to a professional medical social worker.

You’re not alone…call toll free 877-RLC-2120 or email


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