Dealing with End of Life Issues

May 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm 1 comment

Despite a doctor’s best efforts, cancer treatment sometimes stops working, and a cure for cancer or long-term survival is no longer possible. This is referred to as end of life or EOL, and cancer patients who are confronted with this stage of disease need to make important decisions about how they want to live out their remaining time. This is not an easy subject to talk about. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes those dealing with EOL issues tend to ignore the decisions that need to be made about the options available. Therefore, the following are suggestions for patients with end stage cancer that will hopefully encourage end of life discussions.

EOL issues concern ethical and legal wills, palliative and hospice care, and funeral arrangements among others. Getting affairs in order, completing unfinished business, and reviewing life are important steps in accepting death and finding peace as end of life is approached. Options for end stage cancer, such as hospice, is focused on keeping the patient comfortable and free of pain. It is important to know that with hospice, care will continue and everything possible will be done to ensure that death will be met with peace and dignity

Learning that cancer has become terminal can bring about intense feelings of anger, fear, grief, regret, and other strong emotions. It is normal to grieve and mourn the shortening of one’s life and the loved ones being left behind. Talking about feelings and concerns with family, friends, caregivers, and professional psychotherapists can help bring comfort during this difficult time.
The medical social worker at Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line is available to help deal with the overwhelming stress and difficulty in coping with end of life choices. This includes confronting the decisions needed to be made, and connecting to the resources with the answers to help ease the process. This can be an emotional and challenging time for cancer patients and their loved ones. So let us help. Feel free to give us a call so we can be the link in the chain to help you begin to deal with end of life concerns.


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