Recommended Books written by Breast Cancer Survivors.

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Everybody deals with cancer in their own way. Some need to cry, some vent feelings of anger and frustration, while others sit in silent contemplation of their new found situation in life. There isn’t a right way or wrong way to deal with cancer. You simply have to deal.

Below are a few books written by women who found a way to cope with their personal unavoidable experiences of a breast cancer diagnosis. They journaled in online about their personal experiences and feelings, helping each other connect and find support in adjusting to the life changes after a cancer diagnosis. Eventually these women compiled their online conversations into books.

If you or someone you know is currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis these books may be a wonderful resource, offering experiences from people who have already dealt with cancer. Both books provide insight for women and their families who are embarking on, in the midst of, or recovering from their breast cancer journey.

I Am Not My Breast Cancer: Women Talk Openly About Love and Sex, Hair Loss and Weight Gain, Mothers and Daughters, and Being a Woman with Breast Cancer. By Ruth Peltason

Through the voices of 800 women affected by breast cancer, this book includes intimate personal reactions about questions and issues dealing with diagnosis including living with breast cancer, faith, religion and spirituality, relationships, sexuality and mortality. This book is a good read for not only the breast cancer patient but anyone else affected by a breast cancer diagnosis including husbands and partners. Peltason writes in her introduction “My greatest wish for this book is that it offer comfort to any woman living with breast cancer and to those who care about her.” Ruth Peltason was the keynote speaker at the Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s Spirit of Hope Luncheon in October 2008.
The Adventures of Cancer Bitch By Sandi L. Weisenberg

Sandi Weisenberg says she understands the world by writing about it. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, she decided to find her understanding of it by doing just that. The Adventures of Cancer Bitch is an honest portrayal of one woman’s struggle to find humor and fun while dealing with her diagnosis. Weisenberg writes about hospital visits and medical tests, her “Farewell to [Her] Left Breast Party”, the mohawk she sported for a week when losing her hair, and other subjects like mortality and pink ribbon campaigns.

Both books are available at Amazon

If you would like additional referrals for books for cancer patients, please contact me, Phyllis Ruja Tell, social worker at Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line, 310-RLC-2120, or


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