Resource Referral Information on Assisted Living Facilities

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If you are thinking about moving an elderly family member to an assisted living facility and would like to find some useful information about these facilities, one way is by word of mouth, but that can be time consuming. The following are resources that provide reliable information on Assisted Living Facilities:

Our Parents includes ratings for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. It provides ‘star ratings’ for the facilities that also have skilled nursing. It is the only website with reviews by ‘real people’ which does not require your telephone number and email.

YELP” also has a small database of real reviews but searching for ‘assisted living facility’ brings up other businesses such as Chiropractors which can make it tedious.

The following are not reviews of facilities but may still be useful:

The Assisted Living State Regulatory Review 2010 is A Regulatory Review with 232 pages, showing the regulatory agency for each state with each state’s term for ‘assisted living’. For example in California, the licensed phrase is ‘Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly’. The National Center for Assisted Living released this review in March 2010, and it provides a snapshot of the current state of assisted living regulations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The 2010 edition shows that in 2009, at least eight states made major statutory or regulatory changes or overhauled entire sections of their rules. According to the review, nine states added disclosure requirements and at least eight states increased or changed required staff training. Several states clarified that hospice services may be provided in their state’s assisted living settings. A number of states changed the way they calculate rates for Medicaid coverage for assisted living facility services.

NY Dept of Health provides some general information for the state of New York. NJ Dept of Health has a ‘search’ section where you can check for violations in the state of New Jersey. On this site you can also select, Assisted Living, Skilled Living Facility, etc.

National Center for Assisted Living provides useful information on assisted living facilities.

If you would like additional information about assisted living facilities or a comprehensive list of these facilities located in the Los Angeles County area, please contact the social worker at Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line, 877-RLC-2120 or click here for our online assistance form.


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