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Leaving a Legacy, A Resource for End of Life

Leaving a legacy for family and friends is one way for a cancer patient with terminal cancer to leave their memory. Creating a legacy about one’s life that reflects accomplishments, cherished memories, and dreams is a valuable gift to family and friends. It can also help ease personal sorrow associated with leaving them behind.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has a great resource with information for creating a legacy including video diaries, scrapbooks, writing letters to loved ones and many more ideas. It also includes suggestions on leaving a legacy for a child. For more information on leaving a legacy click here. allows you to create beautiful videos from still camera photos. A step above the generic PowerPoint slideshow, leaving a photo video is another idea for leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

Imemories allows you to convert all types of media (old home movies, camcorder videos, photos, etc) onto a DVD. You simply mail the media to them, they upload it and you edit online and create your own dvd with all your favorite home videos and pictures.

Here are some more ideas on creating and leaving a legacy:
Collect and organize photos, letters, papers, etc.
Write down or record family stories
Collect and write down your favorite recipes
Record special family celebrations and traditions
Keep a journal
Hold a family reunion or gathering to capture recent photos
If you are a musician make a recording
If you are an artist, create a project that your loved ones can work on with you for you to leave behind
Making a recording so people can listen to your voice
Make a family tree and create a photo pedigree showing your ancestors

For more information about creating a legacy contact the social worker at Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line at 877-752-2120 or online at

Phyllis Ruja Tell, MSW
Social Work Manager,
Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line
A telephone/internet outreach patient support program
at Tower Cancer Research Foundation


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