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Dream and Wish Fulfillment Resources for Cancer Patients

The following resources fulfill “dreams’ or wishes” of adult cancer patients:

  1. Adult Wish Foundation
  2. The Dream Foundation
  3. First Descents is an adventure/river rafter program in Colorado for people with cancer
  4. The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation is a national resource providing WOW! experiences for children and families who have a Mom or Dad with late stage, limited life expectancy cancer.”

Jack & Jill Foundation eligibility requirements for all referral candidates:

  1. Late stage limited life expectancy cancer
  2. At least one child age between the ages of three and eighteen. Only one child must meet the age requirement
  3. A life expectancy over two months
  4. Referred by an approved referral agency or treating oncologist.
  5. Referrals must NOT have previously participated in an adult dream, wish or any other similar program.

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Hair Loss (Alopecia) and Wig Resources

Chemotherapy can damage hair follicles while killing cancer cells in the body, resulting in hair loss (alopecia). Currently, there is no known prevention for hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy affects individuals differently, even if they are taking the same drugs, producing hair loss in some while not in others. Hair may begin to fall out 2-3 weeks following the start of chemotherapy.

Preventatively, you can try to protect your hair from falling out by using a mild shampoo and patting it try with a soft towel. Hair loss in clumps often occurs from brushing and rubbing it with a towel after bathing. There is no guarantee that this will reduce or stop hair loss from chemotherapy but some patients have found it helpful.

If you do begin to lose your hair you may decide to cut it short, shave it off, get a wig and/or wear head scarves. There are several resources that provide wig information including free wigs, head scarves and turbans, as well as hair loss education.

CancerCare offers wigs at no charge.
800-813-4673 |

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization provides wigs to low-income women.
800-221-2141 |

Network of Strength offers wigs for women with limited resources.

Crickett’s Answer to Cancer provides wigs and head coverings and provides education on wig care.
717- 843-7903 |

Team Pink at Pink Barette provides free wigs and also makes custom natural hair wigs for sale.
678-927-1896 |

Cancer Foundation for Personal Appearance offers hair loss education and hair piece assistance
877-711-9600 |

National Alopecia Areata Foundation Ascot Fund provides scarves in a color and pattern of choice
888-884-3653 |

The Curechief Foundation provides free curechiefs to patients
866-868-CURE |

The Wig Program at Tower Cancer Research Foundation refurbishes donated wigs for cancer patients in their treatment center.
310-285-7242 |

For a listing of local resources from RLCIRL available in Los Angeles County click here.

If you have any questions related to wig and scarf resources please contact me at 877-752-2120 or visit me online at

Phyllis Ruja Tell, MSW
Manager, RLC Information and Resource Line (RLCIRL)

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A Support Group Can Help


Cancer is a universal experience and can bind people together. An individual’s color, sex or religious background doesn’t matter when they are in the midst of a fight with cancer or after surviving the disease. They all share a common thread. Only people who have been affected by this disease and survive really know what its like to have beaten the odds.

In the world of cancer, many individuals have emotions that others might find difficult to understand. It is like driving a race car in which you can read all the books about, however, unless you get behind the wheel, you will never know what its like.

A 48 year-old male called Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line. This man was diagnosed with prostate cancer and needed emotional support to know it was going to be OK. The social worker at Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource empathized with this man and knew he needed the support from others going through the same experience to grasp the emotional strife he was enduring. Luckily, the social worker was able to find a local cancer support group for men in the LA area and provided him with this referral. This was a group of men who had the same cancer diagnosis and had previously undergone or were going through the same emotions, questions and fears. They had a place where they could share their experiences and identify with the struggle this man was going through, and at the same time instilling strength and hope.

To fight the battle of cancer, many need the support of others going through the same experience. Ronnie Lippin Cancer Information and Resource Line can be the gateway to getting you the referrals to these resources. All that we are asking is you reach out to us. If you or a loved one is in the depths of a battle with cancer let us bridge the gap of support and lend a helping hand to direct you to cancer resources in the LA area. Remember RLCIRL is a free service dedicated to connecting questions with answers.

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